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My Philosophy

I am passionate about making an impact and inspiring change in the classroom. Classroom change leads to societal change and it starts with educating ourselves and our team.  As an artist I am always expanding our understanding of contemporary issues and developing programs pushing for positive solutions. Learn about professional development opportunities for you or your district.

Image by NeONBRAND

Professional Development

Training Opportunities

Advocacy is an essential pillar of education. Through my customized professional development programs you will learn tools to facilitate meaningful dialogue leading to change in the classroom and an improved educational environment.

Graffiti Artists

Professional Initiatives

Creative Collaborations

Art and education thrive upon collaboration.  I work with professional artists and have inspired meaningful student art initiatives.  Please look through some of these amazing projects.

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Professional Resume and Press Coverage

Honors and Awards

I have built a reputation as an educator and art activist.  I combine my passion for social justice with education and have received national recognition for inspiring my students to use art as their voice for change and reach beyond their potential.

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