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In 2011, I was completing my Master's of Art Education at Boston University.  My thesis concentrated on using art education to support LGBTQ Youth with a focus on the rise in LGBTQ Bullycides.  This coincided with the landmark Rutgers student Tyler Clementi's Bullycide. 


I wanted to push the concept of a safe space further and painted 18 students ages 11-18 who were victims of LGBTQ Bullycides and Hate Crimes.  I felt as an educator, it was imperative to create this space where all students could thrive as their authentic self.  Every student has a biography written in their desk.  Please take some time to know these wonderful young people.

  • First Row: (Left to Right): Jaheem Hererra- 11, Asher Brown-13, Carl Joseph Walker Hoover- 11, Leticia King-15, Seth Walsh-13

  • Second Row: Sakia Gunn- 15, Lance Lundsten-18, Nicholas Kelo Jr- 13, Billy Lucas, 15, Gwen Araujo-17

  • Third Row: Justin Aaberg- 15, Fred Martinez- 16, Ryan Halligan-13, Billy Clayton, 17

  • Fourth Row: Scotty Joe Weaver-18, Cody Barker-17, Jacob Lawrence Orosco-17, Tyler Clementi-18

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