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Professional Development Workshops

This is a list of some of the trainings I have facilitated.  I have worked with over 50 schools educating thousands of teachers across the United States. 

Please contact me to learn more about the educational workshops listed below.  The workshops range from two-hour sessions to several day trainings.  They are available in person and virtual.  Prices vary. 

To learn more e-mail your inquiry directly to

Professional Development: List

The Artist As Activist- Artists working toward cultural and social change.

Therapeutic Art Education: Being the Agent for Change

Visual Art Representation of Pop and Rape Culture.

Welcoming Schools: Preventing Bias- Based Bullying

Welcoming Schools: Creating LGBTQ and Gender Inclusive Schools

Welcoming Schools: Intersectionality: School Practices with an Intersectional Lens

Welcoming Schools:  Embracing All Families

Welcoming Schools: Supporting Transgender and Non-Binary Students

BraverSchools: Breaking Binaries and Bias

BraverSchools: Creating Inclusive and Equitable Curriculum

BraverSchools: The Art and Science of Conflict Resolution

BraverSchools: Classroom culture shifting From Safe to Braver Spaces

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