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They Came Undone: The Unraveling of Creative Minds:

This series of art features creative geniuses who self-destructed.  Each portrait is painted in a stylized manner with vibrant colors.  The paintings are then hand stitched with yarn.  The yarn is woven throughout the painting representing the strength and fragile state of each artist.  On the surface they appear vibrant yet under the canvas you see the tangled mess of the yarn.  This represents their inner conflict.  Each person is surrounded by a thin black yarn line symbolizing the darkness that swallowed them.

Invisible Identity Series:

Using the signature, "Contourature" style, the yarn empowers the element of line while capturing a stylized caricature of the figure.  For this exhibition  I  focused on the invisible identity of LGBTQ media figures and hate crime victims who hid layers of their life.

Early Contouratures:

My early work in this style features people representing broader issues. 

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