Exhibitions and News

Links to News Articles
  • The Artist As Activist- An Historic account of artists working toward cultural and social change.
  • Thereupetic Art Education: Being the Agent for Change
  • Creating a Safe Space: Educating LGBTQ Youth
  • Visual Art Representation of Pop and Rape Culture, presented to Burlington County Coalition for Violence Prevention (BCCVP) 
  • Mark Conference: Leadership Conference at Rutgers
PD On Wheels Initiative
 The New Jersey County Teachers of the Year (NJCTOYs) are proudly supporting educators across the state through their PD on Wheels initiative. NJCTOYs are providing differentiated professional learning opportunities by sharing their expertise, demonstrating useful skills and techniques, and most importantly, facilitating rich discussions through roundtable style discussions. The goal of PD on Wheels is to build a community of learners and a network for sharing across the state in order to support pre-service and current practitioners in their professional growth. JEnnifer is one of the founding members of this initiative