Teaching Philosophy/Experience

​​Jennifer Braverman teaches from a therapeutic art education perspective.  This is a fairly new type of teaching approach that combines traditional art education with modern art therapy techniques.  Ms. Braverman teaches traditional fine art skills such as value, perspective and portraiture linking these skills to personal interests of the students. 
Ms. Braverman has taught Drawing and Painting, Advanced Drawing and Painting, Photography, Sculpture and Ceramics, Digital Photography, Digital Mixed Media, Art Studio Honors and Advanced Placement Studio Art.  Ms. Braverman has written and implemented over 6 different curricula, including the Digital Mixed Media course which is a unique course that combines traditional studio techniques with modern digital manipulations.

Artist as Activist Series

Ms. Braverman has created and instructed several different Continuing Education courses focusing on the role of the artist as activist.  She created a unique course that merges studio studies and explores the modern art movement, as artists create social change.  Students are exposed to interpretive performance and conceptual art.  This course is geared toward continuing education students seeking to further their understanding of an artists' place in this world. 

These courses are roughly 13 hours in instructional activities that include studio art, art history and text critical analysis.  These courses were taught to adults but can be adjusted to fit the needs of other teenage students.  Ms. Braverman also created a shorter course on Art Censorship.  She is available to teach these courses or other similar seminars upon request.  Please complete the contact form if interested in these services or to learn more about these courses.